Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vacation to FL coming up

I leave for FL this Friday. I'll be gone the 9th - the 14th. This will be my first time traveling with RA. I have a checklist printed and my suitcase is almost packed. Just have to pack up my carry-on bags which include all my medications. Thankfully I will thank my Enbrel Injection that morning before I fly out of CA so I don't need to worry about dragging that along with me. I work tues/wed/thurs but I get off Thursday afternoon so I have time to finished up whatever I need to before Friday morning. My flight leaves in the afternoon 1 something. I'm just hoping I don't get to stiff while sitting on the plane for so long. I do have 1 layover though so that will give me time to get up and move around. I'm really excited though I can't wait! I will be getting a tattoo while i'm there too! It's going to be a dream catcher on my upper arm. I'm not sure how this will work with having RA. I'm expecting a longer healing time for it though, so I'll have to baby it more then I did my other tattoos that I got before RA.

Medication updates: I'm only taking 5mg (1 pill) of prednisone at night right now instead of 2 a day and this was an adjustment, I did notice the day I went down and the day after I was feeling a little sore, but with my second Enbrel injection this past Thursday I've been feeling better. I've read that Enbrel can start taking effect anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. I'm hoping sooner rather then later but we will see :) so far so good!


  1. When I first started Enbrel 6 years ago, it took about 6 weeks for me to realize it was working, but it took 3-4 months to feel the full effects of it. Not everyone has the same results, I hope you respond to it quicker than I did.

    Have fun in FL!

  2. Hope you are having lots of fun!!! I'll pray that RA does not get in the way.