Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An iPad update

Posting from my new iPad I got for Christmas from my grandma god it's seriously great!!! I was able to view everyones blogs beautifully over an app call flipboard it's so nice and useful. My RA has been acting up lately so instead of codeine I smoked marijuana yesterday once and today, it really does help I'm never in pain after but I don't like to do it often cause sometimes it does make me feel weird but it didn't yesterday or today :) so that's good. I have to work 7:15 to 12am tonight I really wish I didn't have too :( standing on my feet a few days ago hurt so bad I had to call out the next day I couldn't move. So I will probably try to update more 2011 that's one of my new years resolution. Hope everyone has a pain free Christmas on Saturday!

Friday, December 17, 2010

medical updates & shoes

I got my new insurance card in the mail, It's a very weird feeling knowing that it's my own and i'm not carried on my dads anymore. I don't really like it, it's like.. another step to growing up lol. I know it might sound weird. I'm just happy it's not super expensive 64 bucks a month roughly just to have it, which is way cheaper then those expensive injections. I was thinking about switching my Rheumy to a woman instead. Mine is starting to.. i dont know bother me, sometimes I feel like he isn't giving me enough time, or like he doesn't care, I don't know I figure it might be easier to conversate with a woman rheumatologist instead. We will see how that goes. In other new in regards to my RA, I'm just about healed from that horible cold I had that last about two weeks. So I took my MTX on monday and did my enbrel on wed. The past few days i've woken up really sore in my hands/fingers, but i know thats because I stopped the meds for awhile while I was sick. I ordered some RX Crocs, the Cloud ones, I heard they run big and it's true they are a tad big but they still fit good with the strap. My feet have been really sore lately and so far, while wearing these shoes my feet feel so great! I love them. I am even ordering some pins to put on them when i'm feeling adventurous lol. They aren't the best looking shoes but I promise they make my feet feel great!

Today has been a lazy day I work this whole weekend but they are all 7:30pm-12am shifts, yikes. I'm not looking forward to it. I got xmas shopping done for the boy, his mom & my grandma. Just need to get a few other things for some family then I'll be done! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. =)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

very sick

I've been very sick the past two weeks, so i've skipped 1 MTX shot and 1 Enbrel shot in hopes that i'd be able to heal quicker. So now that I am finally getting better I can feel the soreness starting to come back. It was so weird because while I had this terrible cold I wasn't feeling any joint pain or anything. I went to disneyland on wed and to my surprise my feet didn't even hurt! But now everything is coming back in sync and it kinda sucks, trading 1 for the other I guess.