Sunday, December 12, 2010

very sick

I've been very sick the past two weeks, so i've skipped 1 MTX shot and 1 Enbrel shot in hopes that i'd be able to heal quicker. So now that I am finally getting better I can feel the soreness starting to come back. It was so weird because while I had this terrible cold I wasn't feeling any joint pain or anything. I went to disneyland on wed and to my surprise my feet didn't even hurt! But now everything is coming back in sync and it kinda sucks, trading 1 for the other I guess.


  1. Im so sorry to read that you have been so poorly. It is tricky to know what to do with the meds, to miss them when you are trying to fight stuff off or not. I know here they tell you to continue with the MTX and stop the Enbrel unless your white cells are low. Sometimes when really very poorly you dont feel the RA as your body is putting all its efforts into fighting the bugs. Lets hope you get well enough to have that Enbrel before Christmas eh?!

  2. It sucks having to stop our meds for other sickness. I had an upper respiratory infection over Thanksgiving and am just getting back on mine after finishing the antibiotics. Hope you can resume them quickly.

  3. thats what i figured was going on with my body focusing on other things. I hope I get completely better soon!

    @tharr, sorry to hear that! glad you are better now though :) yeah im supposed to take mtx tomorrow but im kinda afraid because im not 100% better yet but i need it, ive been feeling the pain a lot now again!!

  4. Hi Skye,
    SOrry you're not doing so good right now :( I admit that so far this fall/winter have been a lot harder than ever before for me. I'm glad you had a good day at Disney though! But sending good thoughts and warm wishes your way that it starts turning around for you. I just feel like I'm being hit by continuous bad news every time I turn around, lol...
    Talk to you soon!