Friday, December 17, 2010

medical updates & shoes

I got my new insurance card in the mail, It's a very weird feeling knowing that it's my own and i'm not carried on my dads anymore. I don't really like it, it's like.. another step to growing up lol. I know it might sound weird. I'm just happy it's not super expensive 64 bucks a month roughly just to have it, which is way cheaper then those expensive injections. I was thinking about switching my Rheumy to a woman instead. Mine is starting to.. i dont know bother me, sometimes I feel like he isn't giving me enough time, or like he doesn't care, I don't know I figure it might be easier to conversate with a woman rheumatologist instead. We will see how that goes. In other new in regards to my RA, I'm just about healed from that horible cold I had that last about two weeks. So I took my MTX on monday and did my enbrel on wed. The past few days i've woken up really sore in my hands/fingers, but i know thats because I stopped the meds for awhile while I was sick. I ordered some RX Crocs, the Cloud ones, I heard they run big and it's true they are a tad big but they still fit good with the strap. My feet have been really sore lately and so far, while wearing these shoes my feet feel so great! I love them. I am even ordering some pins to put on them when i'm feeling adventurous lol. They aren't the best looking shoes but I promise they make my feet feel great!

Today has been a lazy day I work this whole weekend but they are all 7:30pm-12am shifts, yikes. I'm not looking forward to it. I got xmas shopping done for the boy, his mom & my grandma. Just need to get a few other things for some family then I'll be done! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. =)


  1. It scares me to bejeebers the thought of not having insurance. I'm currently waiting word to see what my insurance will pay for the enbrel injections. No word yet but hopefully soon before I'm not able to use may for anything. So swollen and sore... don't like it.

    I've heard those cros are almost theraputic to the feets!! Enjoy them.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I hope the crocs work for you. I have arthritis in both feet and ankles. One of the worst places is the bony area on top of the arch. I have flat feet but the inflammation in the little bones there makes my feet look like I have high arches.

    I've been wearing the Easy Spirit traveltimes for several years. This year they've come out with more styles and I'm ready to order a few more. These are the only shoes that conform to my feet and don't cause a lot of pain.

    Hope your meds start working again soon!

  3. I'm pretty sure dealing with medical insurance is a nightmare no matter how much you grow up. ~;o) I just graduated and I'm working on getting on my fiance's insurance plan and it is SUCH a pain. I don't know why they have to make it so complicated!!

    And my two cents about the rheumy? If you feel like he's not listening to you or caring enough, find another one. People with chronic illness spend SO MUCH TIME at the doctors - we shouldn't have to put up with doctors who we feel aren't doing their best if we have an option. So if your insurance allows, I say go for the switch. Though I know starting with a new doctor can be hard enough on it's own.

    Hope you are feeling better!! I still love the owls. ~;o)

  4. @Tammy yeah it's crazy to deal with insurances!!! And these shoes are great!!!

    @Sherlock they are working nicely so far I'll have to look into easy spirits also!

    @Mariah oh man! That sounds like a pain you're dealing with stupid insurances! And thanks for the input on the rheumy you are totally right! And thank u I'm feeling stable at the moment but it just won't stop raining here in southern Cali !!! We have a storm passing through ugh