Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An iPad update

Posting from my new iPad I got for Christmas from my grandma god it's seriously great!!! I was able to view everyones blogs beautifully over an app call flipboard it's so nice and useful. My RA has been acting up lately so instead of codeine I smoked marijuana yesterday once and today, it really does help I'm never in pain after but I don't like to do it often cause sometimes it does make me feel weird but it didn't yesterday or today :) so that's good. I have to work 7:15 to 12am tonight I really wish I didn't have too :( standing on my feet a few days ago hurt so bad I had to call out the next day I couldn't move. So I will probably try to update more 2011 that's one of my new years resolution. Hope everyone has a pain free Christmas on Saturday!


  1. Jeez, there is kind of a lot of awesomeness going on here. Does the iPad have regular USB slots for printers and such? I was thinking about getting a netbook because my horse of a laptop is getting too bulky to take everywhere, but an iPad would be kind of awesome!

    Also, I haven't tried MJ but I've heard that it's really helpful for RA. Why did I move from a medical MJ state to one without that law??? Haha.

    I hope that tonight goes better for you at work and that you're able to have a nice, restful Christmas :)

  2. I would like an iPad, but have too many other things that I need to take care of. The iPad is way down on the list right now.
    I have serious damage to my feet from RA. I stand on concrete for most of my 12 hour shifts having to wear steel toe work boots. I get my boots 1/2 size larger and wear an second insole (on top of the one that comes in the boot) designed for the pressure points on my feet, similar to the Dr School's Custom Fit Orthotics at Walmart. Not a cure for my feet but it helps them.

  3. @kirbir there isn't a port but I think they make an accessory add on that has a USB I know they have a sd card attachment. But for surfing the web, looking at photos and I already have a handful of games and apps on it now that are really fun. It really is great!!! I think I'll for sure use it more then my MacBook just cause it's so quick to load and easy to use and it doesn't get hot on my lap!!! And that sucks about the MJ it really does wonders lol I like it way better then popping pills that's for sure.

    @ tharr glad that helps ur feet at least :) yeah look into an iPad when possible medical needs come first :) I'm very grateful that I got this gift!