Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Been awhile

It's been awhile since I've made a post! I've been doing really good lately. I saw my rheumy yesterday and i get to cut off the Prednisone !!! I will have half a pill for a week then stop completely cause I had already gone down to 1 pill a day when I started Enbrel. Not just that but he said to use the Diclofenac as needed. :D this also means I can cut out Omeprazole after this week!! I'm so happy!!! He checked out my knees and wrists and said he sees a big improvement I had no inflammation! :D The only downfall is that the past 2 shots of Enbrel I've been getting injection site reactions that are red/swollen almost and last a few days then it turns to a bruise. Anyone else get this and have any tips? The rheumy said to give it a few months and if it gets really uncomfortable we might have to change medications =/

I'm still looking for a job with good benefits, each day that goes by makes me worry more and more. It's hard not to think about. I faxed over my resume for an opening for a clerical/legal asst today that my dad found in the paper. So we will see about that one.

Ok but that is not the only exciting news.. i'm so happy about! I have an new boyfriend who is absolutely AMAZING! I've never met anyone like him everrrrrrr. He makes me soooo happy! One of the best things is that my RA doesn't bother him. So that blog I wrote here: Relationships, yeah I was worrying for nothing. He is really supportive and just, I don't know, just to good to be true

& something a friend told me a few days ago..

".... everything that happens has some kind of explanation of reason we ourselves conclude it to be. And yes it is okay, you know your strength and capability of knowing whats worth it or not. theres nothing that isn't or wouldn't be okay unless you, yourself say and believe that it wont be." she is right. :)

Well time to get ready for work. I'm happy i'm off fri and sat!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vacation to FL coming up

I leave for FL this Friday. I'll be gone the 9th - the 14th. This will be my first time traveling with RA. I have a checklist printed and my suitcase is almost packed. Just have to pack up my carry-on bags which include all my medications. Thankfully I will thank my Enbrel Injection that morning before I fly out of CA so I don't need to worry about dragging that along with me. I work tues/wed/thurs but I get off Thursday afternoon so I have time to finished up whatever I need to before Friday morning. My flight leaves in the afternoon 1 something. I'm just hoping I don't get to stiff while sitting on the plane for so long. I do have 1 layover though so that will give me time to get up and move around. I'm really excited though I can't wait! I will be getting a tattoo while i'm there too! It's going to be a dream catcher on my upper arm. I'm not sure how this will work with having RA. I'm expecting a longer healing time for it though, so I'll have to baby it more then I did my other tattoos that I got before RA.

Medication updates: I'm only taking 5mg (1 pill) of prednisone at night right now instead of 2 a day and this was an adjustment, I did notice the day I went down and the day after I was feeling a little sore, but with my second Enbrel injection this past Thursday I've been feeling better. I've read that Enbrel can start taking effect anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. I'm hoping sooner rather then later but we will see :) so far so good!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Second Enbrel Shot

I did my second Enbrel shot today, this time all by myself. It was a breeze! & didn't hurt at all again. =] I am now only taking 1 prednisone pill a day (5mg) at night. So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this all works out! I've noticed I get a slight headache after the Enbrel shot but I read that is a normal side effect, & it goes away so no biggie there!