Saturday, January 23, 2010


As if it isn't hard enough to find decent people nowadays, I have another things to worry about; my RA getting in the way!

It's been on my mind a lot since my last relationship ended & it's been almost a month since then. I thought that person was going to be by my side for awhile and boy was I wrong. I kick myself every day since the break up for allowing another person to get so close to me. I worry even more since my diagnoses about finding the right person romantically. How would I tell them? The first date? second? third? or better yet why would I even want to burden another person with my illness? hey maybe I'm just being paranoid I know RA doesn't run my life but it is a part of it now, but it isn't who I am. I'm still the same person as I was before. I just hope it won't scare that person away & if it does then they obviously aren't worth my time right?

Right now I plan on focusing on myself for awhile, I can't handle anymore heartbreak but to be honest I miss having that part of my life. The part where I'm in love.

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