Saturday, January 30, 2010

Universal Health Care

Health Insurance, I never realized just how important this could possibly be in my life but i guess everyone can say that once they get diagnosed with a disease, curable or not. Even people who get into major accidents that cause them to be disabled. I was reading a paper i wrote almost 2 years ago for English class on universal health care in the USA and this was the last sentence i wrote; "I can only hope that I myself will not get ill or have a terrible accident without having good insurance." Well I have, I have RA now. Of course at the time my paper was pro universal health care so my views still stand the same today as they did then but I have a much better understanding of it now that it's part of my life. Again i wrote, "This is a very scary yet realistic issue that not everyone cares about because it doesn’t affect all Americans directly, at least not till it happens to them." this is so true and i know i have friends/know people who aren't for universal health care and all i want to do is scream at them just as much as i do about gay marriage not being legal yet.

I won't be covered on my dad's insurance for much longer, just about a year more to be exact. He will be retiring so come December i must have a good job with excellent medical benefits. I'm so afraid of not finding one that's it's really caused me to be stressed and depressed with my situation.

46 million American's don't have health insurance and this includes children.

If I didn't have health insurance to help me afford my medications what would happen to me? let me show you some photos of long term damage first.

Think that's bad? that's just the joint damage, this doesn't include the fact that "Rheumatoid arthritis not only affects the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic disease which may also affect other organs of the body including the skin, lungs, heart, and kidneys" Not to mention the intense pain of how i felt before i got onto my medications. I couldn't move my fingers, nor get out of bed withing aching in so much pain from every joint that i felt like i was dieing slowly.

Now I am GRATEFUL to have a father who has good health insurance for me while i am still able to receive it but the unfortunate truth is that many Americans don't & this brings me to tears. Nobody should have to have a chronic illness or cancer, or break bones or get hit by drunk drivers and become paralyzed etc. without having health insurance. It isn't right, and it isn't fair that these horrible things happen without choice. & the only answer for them is universal Health care. People shouldn't wait until it's them to be okay with it, especially with so many American's losing jobs with this economy.

I had to learn a lesson at a young age my dad told me, it sickens me to know that most people who are adults haven't learned this same lesson.

Please Obama don't give up this fight to fix America's Health Care and offer what is right for everyone.


  1. Skye, do not let these photos scare you. This is what RA treatment will prevent. Check out the blogs of others who live with RA instead. Join online and local support groups and arm yourself with knowledge.

  2. Yeah they do scare me :( I've found more blogs today that I'm not following now too.

  3. Hey Skye,
    Living It, Loving It is right - don't let these photos scare you. RA drugs can do a lot to prevent joint damage and help you feel better. The other thing to keep in mind is that most of the expensive biologics have plans to help you pay for them if insurance doesn't cover them. I myself have used the Remicade and Enbrel programs to help me pay the costs of what my insurance didn't cover. And I have a friend who gets her Embrel for free because she is unemployed right now. So it IS kind of scary - the insurance stuff - but there ARE solutions out there. My rheumatologist's nurse has been a GODSEND in helping me get signed up for these programs.

  4. Thanks, i just replied to your other comment actually asking you about $$$ for Enbrel. I had no idea about the programs helping to pay for costs of these expensive drugs until i finally did some research yesterday :)

  5. Here in Spain we've been enjoying from Socialized health care system from more years I can remember of.

    Let me tell you,our goverment asures our country population a first quality health care and almost free drugs (like, let's say, in 99% of the first world countries).Of course, people have the option to contract a private health insurance,and tons of people do that. But, if somebody gets some SERIOUS illness, no matter how much he owns he'll be treated on public HC system, because it's well known that best professionals are working there.

    I don't like the capitalism philosophy applied into medical systems, let's say, some pharma company inverts XX million $ on developing some last generation TNF blocker RA drug. Now, this same company, let's say it finds out some really CHEAP drug that mostly cures you from the dissease. What will they do? First, to retrieve the max profit for that expensive investigation or going straight with the cheap one? I'm not sure. But anyway, I guess is money hunger what drives the pharma companies to get new meds, so without capitalism we would never had those last generation medicines.

    Politics, I really hate'em.

    Best regards!