Thursday, January 21, 2010

Medications and such...

I love waking up to doctor offices calling me in the morning. Good way to start my day don't you think? Well it's something i'll just have to get used too i suppose.

I was thankfully able to sleep through most of the night, didn't wake till around 5am at first. I've been feeling the side effect of prednisone which is now a dear friend of mine called insomnia. My Rheumatologist wants to take me off of it as soon as possible, he isn't a fan and i'm not going to argue =] one less pill i'll be having to take hopefully but this won't go into effect until my methotrexate kicks in. (which i mentioned in my previous blog entry) Speaking of medications why don't i give the run down on what i'm currently on.

Diclofenac 75 MG (2x a day)
Prednisone 5 MG (2x a day)
Omeprazole 20 MG (1x a day)
Methotrexate 2.5 MG (6x this past sunday & this sunday then moving up to 8x
every sunday after that)
Folic Acid 1 MG (Vitamin 1x a day)

I have to get blood work done every 6 weeks as well but my Rheumy gave me a standing order so i just have to go in whenever i get the chance every 6 weeks.

I've been researching a lot and have heard good things about something called enbrel. I plan on asking my Rheumy about it on my next trip. It is something that i would have to inject myself so i'm not sure i'm ready to do something like that but who knows. If it helps then i want to at least give it a try.

My approval from insurance went through today which is why i had the nice wake up call. So i'll be calling the Rheumatologist office soon here to schedule my next appointment. =D

It's been raining all week… no pouring all week is more like it here in southern cali. This weather makes me even more sore, can't wait till the sun comes back!


  1. Totally ask your rheumy about Enbrel or Remicade. Remicade you get by infusion (hooked up to an IV for a few hours) and Enbrel you inject. I did Remicade first but Enbrel ended up being more helpful. I was totally weirded out about injecting myself too, but with the autoinjector it isn't so bad. There's also Humira, which is done by injection and a brand new biologic (just approved by the FDA) called Actemra. So there are lots of options out there! It takes some patience to find the right one, but the good news is that they are developing new RA drugs all the time these days. ~;o)

  2. See when i first saw my rheumy i had no idea about biologic's until i started reading about them online. Right now i'm still in pain with my current medications (of course nothing compared to what i was feeling without them) so it's something I want to try. So when I see my rheumy on the 24th this month i'm going to ask all about it. & hopefully i'll find one that works well for me. I'm sorta scared about injecting myself but my friend offered to poke me if i feel like i can't :)