Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Pharmacy

I just need to vent. As you know if you've been reading I had to switch insurances on december 1st, I was no longer able to be carried on my dads. So I was able to get it from my work. I received all my info and card etc but found out that I had to use a different pharmacy for Enbrel to be delivered. This meant I needed to get a new pre auth and a new prescription faxed to them once approved. OK so that took time, this new pharmacy said they received it yesterday, cool they have all the info so I asked to schedule a delivery. Well this idiot woman on the phone was telling me how it needs to be "processed still" and they need to wait for whatever reasons 9 days WTF? I told her to make it urgent because I only have 1 shot left that I take today so I need more by next thursday. This just really frustrates me, I hate how insurance companies have no problem taking your damn money but when it comes to getting medications it can be such a freaking hassle. It just drives me nuts, and going through all this is just a reminder of how much i HATE having RA. I just hate it so much. & I'm feeling depressed now.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year!

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Any new years resolutions? I haven't really ever had one, but this year i'm committed to taking 1 photo every day for 365 days, so if any of you are interested in following that adventure I made my first post today that can be found here :)

RA Update: Still working on the new insurance issue for Enbrel, I need another pre auth to get it started again and i'm hoping it's all settled within the next two weeks cause i only have two shots left.. yikes!