Friday, January 22, 2010

Helpful things to have

Besides medications what else do i rely on?

1. I've found that it is very necessary for me to get plenty of rest at night or even naps during the day for me to have enough energy and feel good.

2. I got a heating blanket for my bed. I've found it to be very helpful on days that i'm extra sore, which has been a lot lately due to the cold weather and constant rain we've been getting here in southern cali.

3. I downloaded a few iphone apps to help me keep track of my pain as well. iArthritis (99 cents) , & My Pain Diary (free).

4. I recently purchased a wii fit in hope to gets into some yoga and other activities that will help me stay active which in return will maybe help me feel better.

5. I really try to stay as "green" as possible so instead of those arthritis creams on the market i got some all natural organic ones, 1 from a local organic stores called Goodwin's and the other is a burts bees muscle pain relief cream. I find these to help some days that i just need that extra boost.

6. I recently picked up some handmade bath salts at the local magick store "Dragon Marsh" in riverside. 1 is "healing and health" and the other is "lavender" so I'm going to try those out to help me relax on the nights that are stressful for me.

7. I have a book on anti inflammatory foods that I need to start looking into more, I was a vegetarian for a good 6 months but now i just stay away from red meat only. I still eat things that I know i shouldn't like the common "night shade" plants, tomatoes & potatoes. I just can't give up french fries or ketchup! I have made a connecten with food already and notice a difference in how i'm feeling. I need to get back on track and continue to eat as healthy as possible.

8. My planner, this idea was given to me by my stepmom. It's strictly used to keeping track of doctor appointments, people i speak with, phone numbers and things of that nature that deal with my RA.

I hope to have more things i can add to my list as time progresses with my RA.


  1. Skye,

    This is RA Superb*tch! Found you on my site, and I headed over here to check you out.

    I just want to say that I am very impressed with the maturity and strength you are demonstrating regarding this very difficult test you've been given so early in life. I was struck with RA at 28, and THAT was tough. It just isn't an easy disease at all no matter what anyone says.

    Just remember that the days ahead will pose some challenges, but there are all of us out here to listen and help and encourage. And as far as the relationship thing, you will find someone as you are such a remarkable and beautiful young woman, just make sure he is worthy of you and is up to the task of living with RA too, for this disease can be hard on relationships, but I PROMISE you, it can also strengthen them in ways you can't imagine.

    I am one of the lucky ones. RA has destroyed most of my life, but as far as my husband goes, it has only helped to bond us as one completely. We are never so vulnerable as when we are ill, and if I can allow myslef to be that for him, and he can be strong enough to take on the challenge, then no other couple can compete with that type of togetherness.

    I hope I'm making sense for you.

    I just want to give you encouragment without lying to you. I want you to know that it isn't always going to be easy, but I know that you can do it and will with the help of the right people.

    All my best,
    RA SB

  2. I just saw that I had a comment, for some reason it didn't go to my email. I wanted to say thank you for reading and leaving me a comment it honestly means a lot to have others out there who know exactly what I am going through <3 I've been reading all of your blog entries and it's very inspirational & I love how upfront you are about RA and how it effects your life.

    I'm so happy that you have such a great supportive husband who is there for you through it all. I can only hope that i too will be as lucky to spend my life with a woman/man (i'm 99% lesbian - lol, hey it might double my chances eh? ) who is also so wonderful.

    But thanks for the encouragement, it has been tough and i only imagine how tougher it shall become. I figured starting a blog would help me not only vent but keep track as i progress with RA.

    Hope to hear from you more!


  3. Hopefully you can find an alternative way from hurtful flares, like some natural way that won't require so much money, medications, or side effects... You're stronger than most your age, and I know you'll pull through. You're friends will always be there for you, that should of been one of the things on your list. :-) Like Superwoman said, a strong support system in either a loved one or a close friend can make or break you.