Monday, February 8, 2010


So i've been reading/hearing a lot about a drug called Enbrel so i've been more curious about it & how it works. I decided to call them & see if I could qualify for the Enbrel Support Program & I did, the lady on the phone was very helpful & the card should be arriving within the next 7-10 days. I will also be receiving the complimentary resource kit. I was curious about how much my insurance covered so i gave them a ring but they couldn't give me an exact amount all they said was 20% was what I would have to pay & even that is still to expensive for me. I figured i might as well take advantage while i'm still covered on my dad's insurance to try this out & the support program Enbrel offer's is good for up to $4,000 each 6 month period and $10 out of pocket after. So with that in combination with my insurance it sounds pretty good. It's kinda scary knowing it's something i'll have to self inject but i think i'll be able to do it. I'm glad my appt is coming up with my Rheumy so we can discuss this drug and i can see what he thinks about it. The people over at the Enbrel support line have my Rheumy's info on file already so i just have to tell him i already signed up and what not. I'm not sure how it's works in combination with the others medications I'm already on so these are all things I need to find out.

Anyone who happens to read this and is currently on Enbrel please leave some feedback on how it's working out for you!


  1. Hi Skye,

    I just started Enbrel 2 weeks ago, so I'll let you know how it goes. I'm using it in combination with Methotrexate. I'm using the SureClick injector, which is supereasy. Can't wait to read your posts on what happens with you!

    :) L

  2. Where did you decide to do the injections? I've been reading that a lot of people prefer the stomach.

    Thanks :) i'll def be posting about it once i start.

  3. I've been on Enbrel since May 09 and I think it's really helping me out. This link goes to all the Enbrel related posts on my blog:

    In general, I inject Enbrel in my thigh once a week. I was freaked out about the injector for a bit but it really isn't so bad. It also stings A LOT less if you leave it out of the fridge for about five minutes before you inject it. If you've got any specific questions about it let me know!!

  4. Thanks! i'll be sure to make note on leaving it out for 5 mins before injecting it. :)

    & as i was reading some of your post from your link above i noticed that you've tried acupuncture? The post i read talked about your first time. Have you continued since then and have you noticed that it's helped at all? It's something that I was thinking about myself.

    & i'm curious s to how much other people are paying for co-pays with Enbrel & if that's a month supply? If you don't mind me asking. In your post you said:

    "While my Remicade infusions were covered as a “treatment,” giving me only a 20% co-pay (which was still hefty), ENBREL is classified as a “prescription,” giving me a 50% co-pay. This means that I will be paying around $800 a month for the drug."

    does that mean that each injection is around $200 bucks for you? My insurance says I'd have to pay 20% but as i was looking at my coverage another section under injections said $100 co pay. So i still won't know for sure till i go to get it filled. Of course the support program i signed up for will help me cover these costs.


  5. Acupuncture: I think I only went three or four times. I had a yucky experience where the BP meds I was on gave me a hacking cough, and cough + needles is no fun. So I guess I chickened out after that? I didn't really notice a difference, but I think sometimes it's hard to tell when you are trying so many things at once. I might go back and try again some day, but it's not on the table for me right now.

    ENBREL: Right now I am on the Enbrel introductory payment plan, so I am only paying about $10 for a month of Enbrel (which for me is 4 doses.) So the support program is pretty good. However, I'm under the impression that it only lasts a year, so if I am still on Enbrel come May I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it. I know they have a separate support program where you can get your Enbrel free if you are unemployed. So there are resources out there, even if they aren't always obvious.

  6. The Enbrel people told me it's something i'd have to renew once a year. So maybe give them a call?

  7. Hey there Skye!

    I found your blog thru Mariah's blog. And I too have RA. I am currently unemployed and get my Enbrel thru the foundation. I am in LOVE with it!!! It is A-MAZIN'!!! I use the sure-clicks, which my boyfriend helps me with. My hands are too small to reach the top of the injector and put the right amount of pressure. I hope you get the relief like I do!

  8. Hi Em,

    What foundation do you get it thru?

    My bestie is gonna help me with my first one when the times comes, i can't wait to start it. I just wanna get rid of this pain i'm always in!!!