Monday, February 8, 2010

well hello there

This comic is by a woman named Sara Nash, Illustrated by Jane Samborski. She mas many more that can be found here I find many of them amusing and fantastic! I wanted to share them in case some people haven't seen them yet. I know I only have a few followers so far but in the future I might end up getting more. :)

I've recently been talking to 2 girls around my age who also have RA so it's nice to have someone to connect with and share experiences and tips with while I deal with this disease. I hope that they will turn into friendships. I wish there were more support groups in my area. So far I've found one but most of the meetings they have been having are about an hour drive. I do plan on going to at least one cause it'd be nice to talk to some people in person. & on the meetup website they seem very welcoming!

My Appt with my Rheumy is coming up soon, Feb 24th, & on the same day I'll get my blood drawn again. I plan on asking him more questions. Maybe he will know some support groups in my area, I also want to know more about biological medications & I'm looking forward to getting off Prednisone. I've still be sore every now and then but he said it would take a few months before the Methotrexate kicks in which is why I'm still on Prednisone.

My depression is off and on lately, just trying to deal with life. Some days are better then others & I cling to the people/things that do make me happy. It's what keeps me sane really. I've been spending more time with friends & I think it's been helping a lot. So that's good at least. I'm not asking for things to get better, I just want it to all be stable.


  1. Skye, Keep asking questions because no one else will advocate for you. Sara Nash is a great source about living with RA. Make sure you check out her blog if you have not already.

  2. I was following her on facebook I didn't know she had a blog! I found it now though, thanks!

  3. Hey Skye!

    Thanks for following my blog; I look forward to reading yours!

    Living It, Loving It is right: keep asking questions, keep trying to figure out what's right for you. You're the best leader of your health-care team. So many times I've found information on blogs and on the web that I've then asked my rheumatologist about. Hope everything goes well for you!

    :) Laurie

  4. Thanks Laurie! I hope to learn more and read about others experiences to help me along my way in this journey. & I'm sure i'll never run out of questions to ask! :)

  5. Just realized we're both Scorpios! Me, Nov. 20!

  6. Really! awesome, i'm so much like my sign, but i'm also a cusp of Sagittarius =]