Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Enbrel Updates

I called my PC Doctor office today & was told to call back mon/tues because by then they should have an approval hopefully from insurance for Enbrel. So i'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will finally get moving! I received this Enbrel travel kit in the mail the other day, 2 of them actually. I posted a pic. It was free, it's a mini cooler & came with a booklet that teaches you how to self inject and just information and a sharps container and alcohol wipes, this will come in handy as I plan on going to FL for my spring break next month!! So i'm not sure if i'll have to take my Enbrel injections with me or not depending on if I start by then which i'm hoping too. I just need to get a thermometer to make sure it says cool enough on the plane ride. I'm really excited about my vacation, I haven't been out of California is about 3 years so it will be nice to get away and have some fun. My next appt with my rheumy isn't until the end of April which is more then 6 weeks from the last time I saw him ugh but they are booked. Besides that I've been feeling alright, still get sore & although I do have pain meds i've been trying to not take them if I really really don't need too. Anyways off to bed I think, feeling sleepy and I have work in the morning.


  1. Hey! I like the travel-size sharps container! I've been trying to find one in a drugstore here and nobody seems to have one. I'll have to ask Enbrel Canada if they have one they'll give me. Hope you get the Enbrel soon! :) L

  2. Good luck with the Enbrel. I go easy on pain meds also, I don't want my body to get immune to them. I want them to work when I really need them.

  3. Laurie: Yeah the travel size container is pretty cool :) I'm sure Enbrel would send you one!

    Tharr: Thanks, & yes exactly why I don't like taking pain medications so much.