Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Test Updates & Poetry

I got my tb test taken care of, which was negative. :) & the blood test for hep is also finished. I called my rheumy today to leave a message for him like he said to do once I got those 2 tests completed so that way he could put in for the Enbrel. I just want to start it already! & for creative writing I need to write 2 poems, I have 1 already and it's about my RA. I read somewhere online that someone thought about RA as a dragon, I liked that idea so this poem describes how I feel. I can't decide if I want to make adjustments yet, but for now I guess I'll share it.

The Dragon

He comes and goes
Waiting, waiting to strike each time
Breathing fire that doesn’t burn but freezes
Contained by this creature that controls
I struggle for the strength to overcome
Trapped in pain which leads to fear
Is he gone yet?
My fingers throb, my knees ache, my feet sore
This is where he collided this time
It’s over and I’m left frozen
He left behind signs to remind me he was here
Stiffness, Swelling, Pain, Redness and Warmth
Laying in bed waiting, waiting to move again
Pill after pill, shot after shot
The dragon’s taken off, only to return again

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