Monday, July 19, 2010


On a scale of 1-10, i'm pushing a 6/7 on the pain scale right now. I've been dipping into pain pills and ibprofen. I've offically missed my sunday dose of MTX and my thurs shot of Enbrel. As ordered by my doctor until i can get more blood tests done on the 27th of this month. I'll be missing one more dose of MTX and two more shots until then. Let me tell you I am NOT looking forward to an 8 hour shift tomorrow 9am-5:30p and my boyfriend said if I need to leave early then that's just what I'll have to do. :(

After doing some more googling today concerning my skin reactions I've been getting I came across something called: psoriasis guttate

Here's what i've read so far: (taken from here:

Guttate psoriasis is a relatively uncommon form of psoriasis. It is usually seen in patients younger than 30. The condition often develops very suddenly, usually after an infection, most notably strep throat. Guttate psoriasis is not contagious.

Psoriasis seems to be an inherited disorder. That means it is passed down through families. Doctors think it probably occurs when the body's immune system mistakes healthy cells for dangerous substances. See: Inflammatory Response

Skin cells grow deep in the skin and normally rise to the surface about once a month. In persons with psoriasis, this process is too fast and dead skin cells build up on the skin's surface.

The following may trigger an attack of psoriasis or make the condition more difficult to treat:

  • Bacteria or viral infections, including strep throat and upper respiratory infections (I have been getting multiple infections lately)
  • Dry air or dry skin
  • Injury to the skin, including cuts, burns, and insect bites (this has been happening a lot at work)
  • Some medicines, including antimalaria drugs, beta-blockers, and lithium
  • Stress (which I have a lot of)
  • Too little sunlight
  • Too much sunlight (sunburn)
  • Too much alcohol

In general, psoriasis may be severe in persons who have a weakened immune system. This may include persons who have:

  • AIDS
  • Autoimmune disorders (such as rheumatoid arthritis) **DING DING*
  • Cancer chemotherapy
Up to 30% of people with psoriasis may also have arthritis, a condition known as psoriatic arthritis. Psoriasis may also affect the nails.

Okay so WHY didn't my RHEUMY mention this sort to me?! I guess I just have to figure everything out myself.

I saw the my primary DR on friday she gave me some steriod cream to rub on my spots this seems to be helping, been applying it twice a day.

This type "Guttate -- Small, pink-red spots appear on the skin." is exactly what it looks like on me. So I was 99% sure I had RA when i first saw my primary DR and now i'm 99% sure this is whats going on with my skin. Don't ever doubt a patient it seems I know my body quiet well now!

I will be taking this info with me when I go back to see either of my docs and let them know. Just like RA there is no cure for this skin issue. Why is it happening over the past few months? no clue. But as my rheumy says two autoimmune diseases open the gates for all others.


  1. Hey Skye.
    I found your blog through Mariah. I actually have psoriatic arthritis. From what I understand, arthritis can pre-date the psoriasis, which sometimes makes PsA hard to diagnose. (My rheumy thought I had RA for awhile, anyway.) PsA is treated in much the same was as RA, though. I hope you and your doctors can make sense of this!

  2. Wow interesting! I googled that, i've never heard of it, and now it's got me wondering! I will have to mention this to my Rheumy when I see him again. Hmmmm