Wednesday, July 14, 2010

low white blood cells

So I went to my Rheumy yesterday, I have bad news :'(

ready for it?


I have been ordered to stop all my medications for minimum of two weeks right now. Why? well the past three blood tests my white blood cell count has been to low, dangerously low =/ this last test the end of june showed it was worse then the first. So the rheumy has to do this as a standard procedure to see if it's the Enbrel or MTX causing it which is extremely rare so he doubts it but the next step if it isn't the meds is to send me to see a hematologists (a blood Doc) to figure out whats going wrong or what else i might have on top of RA and Sjogrens.

I am so scared of what else I might have. & not having MTX or Enbrel for TWO weeks is going to be hell i'm sure. See i was already starting to feel sore even with both those so I had a feeling maybe the Enbrel was starting to stop working anyways :'( So I go in to Re Test in two weeks and he is testing me for Lupus also because I have a feeling I might have it. I've been pretty good so far with my "feelings" The thing is that I have been getting these sores on me and i dont know what they are from but my arm is starting to get more of them, well he is puzzled and doesn't know what they are from i've tried neosporin on them as well as cream, nothing works, they itch too, and even when I was on antibiotics for my ear infections and UTI I has this previous month it didn't clear them so he prescribed me the strongest antibiotic he could that he said he gives to people who can't heal themselves =/ It was 20 bucks for 7 pills I have to take for a week, so im hoping that clears up but according to google they may be a side effect of Lupus. So I guess we will start getting some answers in two weeks. I have so many thoughts running through my head I just want to know whats wrong with me. This explains why I've been getting sick a lot and having infections over the past few months, but I don't want to deal with another disease on top of the two I already have :(

Worst day ever yesterday, and I fear this is only the beginning.


  1. Hey so sorry to hear about your terrible appointment/news.

    I know how hard it must be but try not to panic prematurely. It might just be a case of switching you to something else and not a new disease. My white blood cell count dropped when I was taking sulfasalazine. Went back to normal as soon as the doctor stopped it. MTX and Sulfasalazine have a tendency to do that, it is a rarer side effect but it does happen and it's reversible.

    I hope they figure it out quickly and that you can go back on the right medication.

  2. Thanks I'm hoping it's just the meds.

  3. Sorry to hear this. I take folic acid in addition to my treatments to avoid anemia. First, I am going to say wait it out and don’t panic. It could be the meds but I suggest asking about folic acid to keep this from happening or you can pick it over the counter. You can also get a second opinion. No one’s Lupus or RA is the same. Autoimmune diseases are like that – that is why cause so much havoc so a second opinion would give you more insight because rheumy’s see all types of severity in different patients. Good luck.

  4. I've been on folic acid already. I haven't been taking it every day though.

  5. Sorry to hear about this. Don't be scared, that will just add to your stress which in turn causes increased pain from your RA. It has taken me several years to learn this, I used to worry about tons of stuff, I don't worry about anything until it happens now.
    I have been on antibiotics and missed the last two weeks of MTX and Humira. I know it will be painful for you. I never thought I would be disappointed that I couldn't give myself a shot! Hang in there.

  6. Thanks tharr! Yeah I never thought i'd be disappointed either. I can't wait till I can start again!! I've been getting more sore as the days pass, i just wish it'd go by quicker. & I know I still need worry less until i figure out for sure whats going on.