Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prednisone linked to acne?

I am been having problems with my skin ever since starting the steroids back up again as of a little over a month ago. It's not my face but my chest & back. At first I thought it was just my normal weekly breakout around the time I would have gotten a period (but don't because of my mirena) but it's been giving me problems since I started the prednisone! :( I hate hate hate this stupid pill! I'm taking myself off of it as of this week, since I STILL don't have a rheumy appt! I've been using neutragena acne body wash & this help a little bit to keep it from getting out of control but has not cleared everything up. It's so gross!

Has anyone else had skin problems with prednisone?

I'm on two other new meds as well that I started up around the same time but i'm pretty sure it's the steriods.

Meloxicam (1 a day) which I have been taking regularly
& Tramadol (up to 3 a day as needed) which I havent been taking.

I was taken off of diclofenac because it wasn't helping any.

Anybody else experience skin problems due to prednisone? I don't think it's stress because that's stayed the same and I haven't changed laundry soaps, I use tide free and clear.


  1. Yeah, I definitely break out with the prednisone. Be careful going off it. You need to taper it. I would call your rheumy to see how much of a taper you need to do.

  2. Yes, prednisone can cause skin problems. This drug is great, right? Be careful with your taper. I'm hoping to start tapering soon as well.

  3. Prednisone is like the most evil drug on earth - it causes EVERY side effect under the sun but NOTHING helps the pain as much as prednisone. ~;o( hang in there!

  4. I echo the above comments. Pred is an evil bastard of a med. I only take it when I truly need it. I get severe acne and turn into an emotional basket case when I have to take it for an extended period. I avoid it like the plague. Sorry you have to deal with the side effects chica. Hope you find a balance soon.

  5. I finally got a rheumy appt, so ill still continue the pred till the first week of oct, but my skin HATEEEES it!!! arghhh

    I've been trying to lay off the other pills unless it's needed since i don't HAVE to take them but man, all of them together make me feel sooo sick!!