Thursday, September 9, 2010

Social Security Update

I received in the mail today more updates about my social security disability claim. It's now been sent to medical evalution and they mailed me a "fatigue questionnaire" ... there is only so much explaining that can be done about "fatigue" It consisted of about 10 question that ranged from daily activities to how many naps i take a day etc. I tried to be as detailed as possible when talking about how it effects me each day. I just hope I wrote enough for them. I mailed it out today. *crosses fingers* I'm glad it's coming along though, I know it's a long process.

Dealing with state disability is such a drag i've only received 1 check from them so far and it was only for august 21-26. So i'm still waiting on my next check that should be two weeks this time. I hope it comes soon. I get paid tomorrow but due to me not working so much my check is a dollar short of my car payment, thankfully it's not more then that. So i'm still able to pay it. God i'm so stressed! I was so tired today from working last night that I skipped classes today and went to work tonight because I just couldn't get out of bed this morning.

On a brighter note I called Humira to set up the patient support program and what not. I still don't have an appt set up with my rheumy yet because of my SLOW insurance ugh. && as of dec 1 i will officially be off my dad's insurance and on my own through work. It's going to be about 32 bucks each paycheck but at least I can continue my medications. My rheumy visits will spike up from 15 per visit to 55 freakin bucks. Ouch. Looks like i'll be seeing him as little as possible.

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