Friday, September 10, 2010

Winter Preperations?

This will be my first winter with my RA. I need to get a list started of what supplies I will be needed to make it through! I loveeee hoodies so i'm looking forward to picking up a few to keep me warm. I got one today from Target & I also pick up some gloves there today too, It came with two pairs for only $1.50! I wanna find some nice slippers for around the house and get a couple pairs of sweatpants too. I have an heating blanket that will be coming out of the closet once I find it also. What else do I need? Hmmm, I also will be needing a new planner for the upcoming year to track all my DR appt stuff.

What else do you guys recommend having for the winter?

Oh & I got the Flu Shot today from Target also, it was free since I work there and it was a special deal they have going on for Team Members. I was kind of iffy about it but after doing some research I figured it was best for me to get it.


  1. My hands and feet hurt the worst through winter months. I recommend a good heavy windproof jacket. I stay out of high traffic areas as much as possible through the winter to avoid picking up any illness due to a weakened immune system.
    I get a flu shot every year, I also got the pneumonia shot about 4 years ago. I had never had pneumonia until the first winter after being diagnosed with RA.

  2. Thanks tharr! I'll look into the pneumonia shot.

  3. Also, LOTS of lotion. The colder air tends to dry out my skin really easily. Oh! And I also like to use those really heavy duty socks as slippers. I think Target has candy corn ones right now, haha.

  4. I have loaded up on fun fingerless gloves. I found that I wear them a lot to keep my hands warm and still be able to do stuff. I keep a pair in my purse, in my desk at work (the a/c kills my hands), and all over the house. And Since people will notice them no matter what, I had fun with them - strips, skulls, bows.

    I also got some really cute Paul Frank tube socks from Target. Definitely more than I would normally spend, but I knew they would make me smile when I put them on my achy feet.