Wednesday, November 3, 2010

RA & Work

Dear RA,

I hate hate hate you RA for making me unable to work 40 hours a week like normal people and earn more money to pay off stupid bills that I owe. & as I type this my wrists hurt too, thanks a lot for trying to ruin my life.




  1. Hi Skye!
    Laurie sent me over here. She highly recommended me checking out your blog, so here I am! Lol...I am so sorry that your going through a tough spell with the RA. I totally understand. I thought I'd share my story with you so you've got some background on me too : ) Sorry it's a little!

    I am a new freshman in college this fall and 18 years old. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis four years ago, but have been dealing with symptoms for about 7 years or a bit more (the diagnosis process took 3 years or a bit more). The summer of 2009 I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel and had CTRelease surgery on both wrists within one month of each other and one month before school started (senior year too!). Surgeon was the same doctor who diagnosed me with the RA and was furious at my rheumatologist!! She blames him for the whole thing (he was a terrible, terrible doctor....). She said that he neglected to really treat me. Every single appointment I told him, I'm in pain, my hands hurt, it's getting more difficult to do....anything! But he always said "You look fine", which I HATE by the way. I'm sure you have gotten it also.

    So she got me set up with my now rheumatologist who is SO much better lol!! He listens to me and even when he thinks I seem ok, if I tell him I'm not....then I'm not and he searches for the answer. Currently I'm having a lot of troubles again. That's how I feel these four years have been, you know? I'm doing OT for my left elbow currently. They think it could be tendons? But I just hurt and ache all it's a constant!

    It's been an incredibly difficult transition for me to switch to college life. The favorite part of my week is going home on the weekends lol!

    I'm currently taking Methotrexate, Sulfazine for pain (doesn't help), Folic Acid with Metho, Omeprazole for heartburn/stomach problems, and fish oil for dry eyes. That's my drug regiment.

    I'm so sorry for rambling on so much! I'm just really excited to meet some people I can relate to! I hope to talk soon : )

  2. Hi!!! I love meeting new people around my age :D yay. It's great finding others who have so much in common with me and understand the thing i go through as well! I'm really glad you commented & that Laurie sent you over here! She's really nice :)

    I had to drop some college courses this semester :( it's sucks, I wasn't able to get up out of bed so early in the morning, The only class I kept is a night class which seems to work out better for me.

    I had been on omeprazole but since i switched to injection MTX i didn't find i needed it. The inject MTX is soooo much better! my tummy doesnt hurt anymore on the days i do it like it used to with pills!

  3. I totally feel you, Skye (and Hannah!) RA can be sooooo frustrating! Especially when it makes you feel like you have to re-write your entire life. I'm trying to get through the end of graduate school and I'm going through a rough patch myself. Some days I honestly want to give up all together. But it really helps to remember that I'm not alone. It's funny how people out there on the internet that you have never actually met in person can provide such support. I hope you are both doing well!!


    P.S. Skye - probably not the place for this comment, but I love your new background. The owl is adorable. ~;o)

  4. very true! & I feel like giving up sometimes also.

    & thank you, i thought the owl was cute too :D

  5. Hi Skye again : )
    Sorry it took so long for me to get back to ya!! I agree, I've just started my quest for finding people my age because they just......get it, you know?

    I'm so sorry to hear that you had to drop some classes, that's no good! Yeah next semester I don't have my 8am class, thank god!! Seriously wasn't a fan of that, first class is 9:30!! Woot woot! It'll help I don't have class on Mondays which means one extra day at home. LOVE that!! The best part of my week by far is going home on the weekends....I know I'm a really terrible college student : )

    My stomach doesn't really bother me, although I do have this mysterious side pain that comes and goes for the past 7 years, but anyway I digress, I take it for heartburn. If I miss it for some reason....ohhhhhh bad! Lol! I also have chronic migraines (daily for some reason recently). So I'm wondering if the MTX is causing the headaches...not sure. I could just sit down and cry these days LOL! I wake up with a migraine, my knee is swollen, so is my elbow (whole other story there that I can fill you in sometime if you really wanna hear lol). I don't is SO much better when I'm home!
    Talk to you soon hopefully :)