Friday, August 13, 2010

Pills. Pills, ...Pills!

It's offical i'm now a walking drug store! I left out the Enbrel in the photographs, don't forget that!

I went and saw my rheumy today. My white blood count still isn't where it should be but we are going to hold off on seeing a hematologist for now and just monitor me which reminds me I forgot to get a standing order for bloodwork crap... i'll have to call them on monday. So he wants me to throw away diclofenac & darvecet & now has me on two new ones, Meloxicam 15mg (1 a day) & Tramadol 50mg (3x a day as needed) let's hope this brings some relief my feet have been killing me constantly. My pill bag is offically jammed pack now with bottles. He still has me taking pred 1 time a day for now as well. Blahhhhh. It's depressing I know.

On a better note state disability was processed so i'll be starting this soon so that's good news. Oh & for getting two prescriptions I got 2 $10 giftcards from target so I thought that was pretty good. They seem to have them in the weekly ad every other week now :D So thats pretty cool at least I can get SOME money back. Jeez.


  1. I don't like Sunday mornings so much for about 10 minutes. That is the time I pray and load up my pill pacs. So many pills to have a few moments on some days to feel 1/2 way normal. Just too many. But, I'm grateful to be ABLE to have them. Thank goodness for good insurance. Hugs to you. Tazzy

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