Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well last thursday I was able to start my shot of Enbrel again, and friday I started my methotrexate as well. The rheumy got my blood results back and has crossed out the possibility of the medications causing the low white blood cells! I was so happy because I really was hurting so badly that last week of no meds and didn't go back to work until yesterday. The rheumy said that he believe i MAY be developing lupus but he didn't want to say for sure yet because it's to early to tell. He mentioned something about my Sjogrens being hard to tell apart from the Lupus as far as symptoms go, so I have to get blood done every 4 weeks now instead of every 6 :( he says he will be watching me more closely now and that my white blood cells still aren't what they should be but they got a tiny bit better and he believes it may have been caused by all my infections i had the past month. He just basically didn't seem to sure about anything =/ It was frustrating waiting for him to call me to give me my results, so I smoked some weed that day because I wasn't allowed to take pills and wow did that help relieve the pain for the night and following day! It's not something I like doing unless I really have too cause it makes me feel kinda loopy lol.

My rheumy instructed me to start up pred again 2 pills every morning for five days then 1 pill every day until I see him again on august 13th which also means I need to take the omeprazole again too for now. It's helped a lot but i still feel icky taking steroids and I don't wanna get fat. He mailed me another blood paper so i gotta go 3 days before my appt to get that done again. I hope we can just figure things out so i can get on some sort of schedule and deal with what I have.

ps: im working on social security disability benefits right now, oh my gosh lots of paperwork and i'm also going to be filling for a disabled parking permit.

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