Saturday, August 7, 2010

State Disability & Social Security

Well I applied for both State Disability & Social Security within this last week. I got all of it completed either online or by mail as of yesterday. I still need to do SSI though. I just hope it doesn't take forever to process and i'm expecting to have to re-apply for Soc Sec because it's what i've heard from others. Getting SSI will allow me to get health care coverage so I won't have to worry so much about that if I can get approved before December. So i'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one. The state Disability will allow me to work half of what I currently am & pay me the other half to equal what I'm currently making. I'm excited about this because I won't be as stressed having to work so much and i'm actually taking classes this semester for college. I am set to graduate in the Spring. This semester i'm taking Geography, Human Reproduction & Journalism. Then in the winter i'll knock out a math class or political science class then after that i'll take either or + 1 more math and i'll be done! I won't plan on going back to a school till i'm 24 and can file for financial aid.

I really want to move out of my house, the living situation is horrible. I have way to many family problems and I just don't feel safe being here. I might look to be moving in with a friend for awhile and then moving in with the bf later. I just can't handle it anymore here and under these conditions I know aren't good for my health.

I have work tonight 3pm -10:15pm i'm not really looking forward to it, i kinda just wanna lay around all day but I don't have a choice, & now i finally got my speeding ticket in the mail which is $356, =/ sucks so much. Well I think that covers updates for now!

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